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Hello Perple women,

Hope you are safe, well and staying positive in these current global circumstances.

Today, we thought it is time to get to know our founder/designer, Huiliana Chandra-Curry (Holly). We asked a few questions about her and her journey to Perple. 

  Huiliana Chandra-Curry (Holly) is wearing Shawl Jacket in Blood in Perple Studio.


How did you come up with the name Perple?

H: Perple comes from the word, Purple. I've always liked the colour purple and not just the appearance, but also the meaning behind it; power, pride, ambition, mystery, independence, and magic. All these characteristics defined the brand that I was creating at the time, so what better name than Perple! Plus I like how it sounds.


What was the journey to create Perple?

H: Perple has been a dream project of mine since I left Bachelor of Fashion Design in RMIT, at that time I was very young and did not have the experience, courage nor money to start a label. Most importantly though, I wanted to build my industry and business knowledge so I could give my idea the best possible chance to succeed.

I was lucky enough to work long-term as a fashion designer in a Melbourne label that focuses in graphic prints in the South East Asian market and through that I've gained so much knowledge and experience as a designer. In that time also, I collaborated with film makers and artists to produce costumes and character designs in feature and short films.

2 years ago, I had a baby and I was overwhelmed by motherhood and work. So, I decided to take a break and focus on my child. Being a creative person and a workaholic, I found it very very hard to not do anything creative, so I started sketching. From sketching, I then moved on to pattern-making, then to sewing and eventually I had a collection. This snowballed to actually building a website and putting the clothes up for sale. Without realising it, I was doing my dream project! But this time, I truly know what I want and I'm ready to run a business. The brand launched in October 2019.


"I wanted to build my industry and business knowledge so I could give my idea the best possible chance to succeed."


In the last question, you mentioned that you knew what you wanted for the brand, can you please elaborate?

H: Yes, I knew that I wanted the brand to be sustainable and ethical. This is because I recently moved houses and was mind-boggled by the amount of rubbish that I'd accumulated, particualrly clothes that I owned and never worn. Having the baby was a turning point for me because I knew that I didn't want her to be irresponsible when she grows up and wanted to set an example and educate her about sustainability in life by changing how we behave as consumers and producers. 

At Perple, we use dead stock fabric. It means that we use materials which are industries' surplus or past-season. We are repurposing these fabrics, saving them from being dumped into the landfill and giving them new life in Perple pieces. 

Being made-to-order has helped us greatly in this current tough situation. The pieces are pattern-made, cut and sewn once an order is placed. We treasure the fact that the piece is going to be made especially for a client while holding no stock. We hope the consumer will feel the care and purpose we place on our creative process and wear the garment lovingly for a long time. The made-to-order system has also helped us in conserving our fabric as we can utilise the fabric which are unused from the last story and create new designs for it.

  Huiliana Chandra-Curry (Holly) is wearing Shawl Jacket in Blood in Perple Studio.


What is your design style?

H: My design style is a combination between feminine and masculine. I love combining the two together to create something soft yet strong! This can be found in the curves, angles and purpose of the silhouettes.

I like the art of architectural techniques. While I love to create impactful shapes, I also want my designs to be comfortable to wear. It is always a pleasure to find balance between the two and it's a real high when our clients connect with this aesthetic.

Themes are the biggest inspiration for my designs. I love working in stories by creating a handful of designs and showcase them in a story. This emphasises our strength to tell a story about the pieces and help people to understand the meaning and artistic value of the pieces.


What is your biggest inspiration in your craft?

H: I would have to say, art; whether in movies, paintings, dance performances or songs. I am a sentimental person and I'm often moved by the romantics of art. Usually, when I am drawn to a certain artwork, I will build a story about something in that particular art that inspired me the most. 

In general, my biggest inspiration in my craft is my family. I am lucky enough to be surrounded by people who are hard-working, driven and ambitious. They always push me to do better and be the best I can be to contribute to the world. 


"I am a sentimental person and I'm often moved by the romantics of art."


Who are Perplewomen?

H: Perple women are our clients and target market. Modern poised women. They are women who know what they want, they are strong, selfless and tender, bold and ardent. Perple women are elegant, do not conform to trend, appreciate great techniques and designs. They are connected to the world and stand by the principles of sustainability. They intend to have a wardrobe of strong yet functional pieces which define themselves as a person and clothes that help them feel empowered. 


Which of your pieces are your favourites?

H: This is the hardest question and I do not have an answer! But if I had to pick, I'll have to say it's the Core Dress and Amygdala Dress. I think they are an easy dress to wear but convey a certain strength. In fact, it is one of my priorities in my designs; easy to wear but hard to ignore!


Can you tell us more about your upcoming story, 'Cloud'?

H: Yes, Cloud is very cute, in Perple way. The silhouettes are very happy and positive! I started designing Cloud when all these crazy events started and I needed to produce things that make me happy. This story is inspired by the clouds in renaissance art. I cannot wait to show it to you!


Thanks for you time to read this interview and hope you have a great day today!