About us

Perple \ ˈpər-pəl \ derivatives; colour 'Purple'. The balance of red and blue, intensity beset by calm. Perple embodies this dichotomy. It resonates through our designs which characterise a delicate strength.
Perple was started in October 2019 with a vision to create ethical, trend-less womenswear. At Perple, collections releases are not dictated by the traditional fashion calendar. This approach enables Perple to create designs that align with the asynchronous nature of inspiration.
Every garment has an enduring heart with a care and focus on delivering quality sustainable products. Perple is a made-to-order brand. Each garment is pattern-made, cut and sewn in-house from mostly dead stock material, only once the order is placed. This allows Perple to be more mindful about waste reduction and have a sustainable and ethical approach to manufacturing. Each Perple piece is hand crafted especially for you. To make it extra special, Perple offers a made-to-measure service to clients. Please go to CUSTOM page to know more.
Perple is created, designed and made by Huiliana Chandra-Curry (Holly).
Perple is designed for strong women.
The women who dare, the women who know what they want.
Perple is selfless and tender.
Perple is bold and ardent.
Perple is you. A delicate androgyny.