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Perple Loves: Jam Baylon (Stylist/Art Director)


Perple Loves is back! This is a profile series of amazing individuals

that we are lucky to come across with.


We interviewed a non-stranger to Perple,

it's Jam Baylon! Our beloved friend.

Jam is an incredible stylist

and art director.

Jam Baylon in Emotional Jacket & Stratus Pants



What is your name and what do you do?

My name is Jam Baylon and I am a Melbourne based stylist and art director from Partisan Design Group. I primarily do styling for fashion campaigns, editorials, still lifes and lifestyle. I also do art directions and shoot productions.


What do you like the most about your job?

I am very fortunate to be working in a field which I am so passionate about. I love the diversity that my job involves because no day is the same. So, I would be doing campaigns one day and location scouting the next, producing, meeting different people on set. Also I love the amazing calibre of people from photographers to make-up artists and incredible creatives like musicians or even choreographers and right down to the amazing designers that we have here in Australia. Most importantly, Melbourne independent designers, like yourself ;)


What is your personal style like?

Oh haha this is a hard one because I am the worst to describe my personal style! I'd say while I like to emphasise minimalism in my personal style I often get told there's a strong street element to my attire. I tend to wear block heels, ankle boots and a lot of sneakers for comfort, I love bomber jackets. I think my style is comfort, timeless, monochromatic (always black and white) If I like something I will buy multiple of them in different colours because I know they work. I love things like your tailored high waisted pants and oversized jackets to look presentable for meetings!

Perple's first campaign. Styled by Jam - Photographed by Jess Brohier

Do you think that Victorians have a certain style in fashion?

Oh my gosh! A massive YES! We are absolutely on point! I think Victorians are people from different places and maybe have influenced our style too, but more specifically, I find that Melbourne’s style, labels and designers are a little bit edgier and we can be more spontaneously adventurous in our style as well as pushing boundaries. Most importantly, we are not commercial and I like that aspect because we are quite expressive as a state and that’s one thing I’m most proud about in working with independent and upcoming labels because they are not clouded by the commercial elements.


Speaking about style in fashion, what do you think about trends?

lol you know me. I’ve never been a fan of trends. That’s just my personal approach. But I think trends have been around naturally throughout history, we evolve and undoubtedly there must be trends involved along the way. Although there are dangerous elements, especially for younger generations who are looking at certain body types or lifestyles that are just unrealistic and fashion styles that are unoriginal and “ fashionable". For this reason, I absolutely love going against trends in editorials using things that are not current or popular to promote individuality because I believe that we should be able to be different to express ourselves and to feel comfortable within. We shouldn’t be dictated by trends.


What are your tips to build a perfect wardrobe?

I think the most important part is to have your staple pieces, for example the basics; whites & black tees and having that perfect denim. In addition, for me not only to have that perfect black dress but also a perfect suit. I absolutely love a power suit. If you invest in a power suit or that perfect jacket and quality pair of pants and have them made especially for you, I can guarantee you that you will wear it over and over and over again! You can dress it up or down. So, essentially build a wardrobe that you can add or mixed with.

One of Jam's beautiful daughters, Mishka wearing her Second Skin Bodysuit in Lipstick

As a stylist, If you had to describe Perple, how would you explain its' style?

Cutting edge and timeless but very unique and empowering, also accessible for all body shapes. That’s what I see in the first collection, very feminine but also masculine at the same time. I’ve tried on your clothing and they are so comfortable. These pieces, they won’t actually date and that’s the most important part for me and why I tend to go back to you to pull for editorials. I love that it’s not trendy and there’s sophistication in Perple. So, to put it in words, sophisticated, feminine and masculine at the same time and those are the three things I look out for when I’m looking for wardrobe.


Restrictions are easing off, what is/was your first outing plan? What will you wear?

Oh I already had my outing! I went out with a girlfriend who is also a stylist, Chloe Wilson. I think the outing was very minimal. I think I wore my big pink puffer jacket with a pair of high waisted bootleg pants and some patent boots, also with a vintage bag. I don’t normally wear colours, but I felt like wearing colours that night. I wanted to feel comfortable but also happy in a sort of party wear! It was just a girly dinner on a school night ;)

Perple's first campaign. Styled by Jam - Photographed by Jess Brohier

You are wearing Emotional Jacket and Stratus Pants in the picture. Thank you! What do you like about them?

I am wearing the Emotional Jacket and the new pants, Stratus Pants which are from the new collection. OMG what is not to like about them! They are beautiful, especially the jacket’s lining. The lining is so beautiful! I feel like the outfit is made for me. I love the wide-leg detail, I love the open back detail on the pants, real homage to the 90’s! Even though the jacket is oversized, but I feel really elegant and sexy in it. I think this is such a bossing outfit! Most importantly too, I love the fabrics because they drape beautifully on my body. They are just so comfortable.


Lastly, can you please share some of your fav small businesses so we all can follow and support them?

Obviously, you - Perple!!

I always say Kalaurie, She’s just so incredible. I just love watching her grow. Another one is Erik Yvon, who creates beautiful and colourful designs with so much character and attention to detail, also sustainable. He’s definitely one to watch out for. Oh my gosh so many!! Another one is Toile Studios. She’s amazing! Nadia has just graduated either this year or last year, but her collection is just so cutting edge, very unusual. Although, you have to be someone who is confident to wear her designs but I feel like you can always incorporate the pieces in your own wardrobe. Allegra Allure, I love her stuff too. The last one is House of Dizzy, a friend of mine, Adam McDonald showed them to me. She's an indigenous jewellery designer and I love the colour elements and what it represents obviously with everything else that is happening in the world. I just cannot express enough how gorgeous the pieces are!


Click here to see Jam's works.

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