About us

Perple \ ˈpər-pəl \ derivatives; colour 'Purple'. The balance of red and blue, intensity beset by calm. At Perple, we embody this dichotomy and it resonates through our designs which characterised a delicate strength.
Perple is a made-to-order brand.
Every Perple piece is made-to-order in our studio in Melbourne VIC, Australia. Created with resolute lines, sharp cuts and refined materials. The pieces are confident and strong yet gentle with a touch of humour. Perple is created, designed by Huiliana Chandra-Curry (Holly). Holly has over 10 years of experience in fashion design locally and internationally, as well as costume and graphic design.
Perple is designed for strong women.
The women who dare, the women who know what they want.
Perple is selfless and tender.
Perple is bold and ardent.
Perple is you. The beguiling you.